In Football Heads 2018, you can take control of famous professional football players, and participate in a tournament to become the champion. The lights are on you as you enter the soccer field, and your fans are screaming your name. Show them that you're the best player on the field with your amazing headers and accurate shots. Can you win each match, and earn your place at the hall of fame?

The game's objective is to win each match you play by scoring more points than your opponent before the time runs out. When you start, you'll be directed at the character selection screen. There are 33 international football players as characters. At the start of the game, only 21 of them will be unlocked. You can get the remaining 12 of them by beating them in matches. Choose your player, and then pick a rival. You can randomize the latter. Use the left and right arrow keys to move around, and the up arrow key to jump. Press the SPACE BAR to kick the ball. A match will end after 60 seconds, so try your best to score goals. There are 6 different power-ups that you can collect, and these will help you greatly. Can you win every match, unlock every character and become the MVP of the season?

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FREMONT Hugo developed Football Heads.

Release Date

March 9, 2018


  • 6 different power-ups
  • 33 famous football players as characters
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Addictive gameplay


Use the arrow keys to control your character. Press the SPACE BAR to kick the ball.