In Heads Arena Euro Soccer, the deafening cheer of the crowd fills the stadium! Wear your soccer shoes and embrace the competition as you run around at the green grass field. Featuring different teams and famous soccer players, this game will become one of your favorites with its hilarious twist. How many games do you think you can win?

Characters with oversized heads is one of the signature features of this series, and this game is no exception to that rule. Which one is your favorite national soccer team? This game features 14 different national teams from various countries! Before the referee blows his whistle and starts the game, choose from 3 different game modes that you'd like to play. In the tournament mode, you pick a team and try to climb the championship ladder by winning different matches. Your objective in this mode is becoming the champion and earning the cup. You can play with your friends by sharing the keyboard in the party mode. Play against each other or take place in the same team and compete against the computer. Lastly, there is the Will Grigg mode, in which you play as the famous soccer player. Each match takes 90 seconds. You can see the remaining time at the top center of the screen, while your score is located at the bottom.

Big headed players and addictive gameplay are features that many people love in this series. Be sure to play Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars too! Have fun!


  • 3 different modes to play
  • Hilarious characters with oversized heads
  • 14 different countries to choose
  • Multiplayer option


For solo gameplay, use the arrow keys to move around the field and the SPACE BAR to kick the ball. In multiplayer modes, the second player can use the WAD keys to move around and the Q key to kick the ball.