In Princesses Closet, tonight is the night! Tonight is the night we are going to party all night long! We will forget about our responsibilities, let the music play on and raise the roof. Everybody's going to sing and dance cause we all just wanna have some fun! But there is this one thing that always creates a problem: What should we wear? Let's start playing now to find an answer!

The party has arrived! We are supposed to be dancing our troubles away but instead, here we are trying to decide what to wear. They say life is supposed to be fun, but it's just stressful right now. So, once again, we have to ask for your help. Do you think you can lend a helping hand to us? In this game, your objective is to dress up these 2 girls and make sure they are all dolled up for the party. Let's start with Ariel first. All you need is your mouse to play this game and you can click on the clothes to create the perfect outfit. We have a red sequin dress, and a couple of blue dresses for you. Or, if you want, you wear a t-shirt and jeans and look stylish while being casual. After you choose the handbag and a pair of high heels to complete the look, you are done! We can move on to the other princess and help her look perfect!

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Oscar Intermed developed Princesses Closet.

Release Date

September 06, 2016


  • Fun gameplay
  • 2 girls to dress up
  • Easy controls
  • Nice 2D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.