Juggle cute legos around in Voxel Merge 3D! You can have the minecraft-like legos of everything in this game. You will use them, merge them and play around with them for many levels. So, get ready to enjoy a very unique merge game now!

Here is a merge game that will introduce you to another dimension. Here, you will have pixelated 3D objects of any kind, from animals to everyday items. Your aim is to match all the items one by one with their identical pair. With each pair you make, you will see the objects merge and disappear. This way, the area will be cleared. You will get points according to how fast you merge all the objects. Simply click on the icons and drag them to the white block below the empty arena. You will get to see more blocks being cracked to open up space for more objects. This means more points! Feel free to use them to unlock new picks, consumables, and lives. Let’s see if you’ll crack the case in this game!

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Brosco Games developed Voxel Merge 3D.

Release Date

June 17, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Fun puzzle

Addictive gameplay

Tens of levels

Cute legos


You can click on the objects and drop them into the white squares to merge them.