Grab your arrows and attack with all your power in Arrow Count Master! You are in the middle of a weird war that is a mixture of a physical and strategic attack. Grab your arrow, trust your gut feelings and see if you can take down the enemy’s men!

You better be able to think fast under pressure because that is what you will be doing all throughout the game. On a platform full of moving or stable portals, you will take your arrow or arrows to the finish line. These portals are not regular things that you can pass through, though. These things each have mathematical operations on them. Your task is to choose to or not to pass through these portals. You should bear in mind that the number of the arrows at hand will be modified according to the four operations on the portals you will get in through. Try to get as many arrows as possible at hand in the end to earn higher points. You can unlock new skins of arrows to spice up your game and earn daily rewards by claiming them in the sign section. Make sure to try the devil mode with extra speed if you like to try out something new!

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YAD.Com developed Arrow Count Master.

Release Date

July 14, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Multiple levels to complete

Requirement of strategic thinking

Arrows to unlock

Daily rewards to claim


You can drag the arrows with the cursor to get them through the portals with mathematical operations.