TrollFace Quest: Video Memes & TV Shows Part 2

In TrollFace Quest: Video Memes & TV Shows Part 2, the pranks and challenges are continuing to amuse you! In this fun second version of the hit game, your objective is to use your brain and outside-of-the-box thinking skills. You need to outsmart the infamous trickster before he gets you. If you are ready now to show off your creativity, let's start the game!

Once the game starts, you need to move really smart. This unbelievable prankster and his gang are trying to overwhelm you with their savage tricks and pranks. What you need to do is simply click on the objects or characters around the scene in the right order to solve tricky puzzles and beat the pranksters. While playing the game, you will understand that everything is not what it seems here. So, you better try to approach the situations from a different perspective. You will have 6 hints in total. If you cannot come up with an idea, don't hesitate to use them. If you fail, you will restart the last level. You can also check all level options by clicking the levels icon. With the other icon next to levels, you can check your remaining hints. Since you are ready to solve the tricky games of Trollface using your detective skills, let the game begin!

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Agame developed this game.

Release Date

July 3, 2020


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Multiple levels of pranks to be solved
  • Thrilling back-up story and fitting tracks
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay


You can play this game with your mouse.