Become the best dentist around with Teeth Runner! People and even some creatures are in a queue to be taken care of. This is all for you because you know how to treat everyone right. Now, are you ready to give everyone the treatment they deserve?

You have a toothbrush of the latest technology, and everyone is going crazy over your treatment. So, get your toothbrush and make everyone happy with their teeth. What we mean by this is to give everyone the treatment they want and deserve. Our human beings obviously want to be treated well with good toothpaste to get their teeth all white. The monsters, on the other hand, are here for the filth. So, when you get a line of toothpaste or filth, decide according to your next patient about how much paste or filth to get. Between the levels, you will have some special patients to make their teeth all white, too. So, concentrate on your work and watch the wonders you will create!

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Developer developed Teeth Runner.

Release Date
December 27, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels to complete
• Intuitive controls
• Entertaining and addictive levels
• Platform with obstacles

You can click on the left-click to use the toothbrush.