Monster School has opened its doors in Monster School Challenges 2 for new and old students alike, and this year's curriculum looks a tad bit tougher! Get ready to overcome the challenges and show you're the best monster!

Many famous monsters have graduated from this school and you can even meet some of them! Herobrine will be your teacher, but you won't need your books here! There are 3 classes to attend to learn what it means to be a spooky monster, so let's start! Each class has a different objective that you need to complete. One of the classes will test your endurance by making you run away from Huggie while avoiğding obstacles. The other one requires you to slide down a water slide and reach the finish line without hitting obstacles. The last one tests your skill with a bow and arrow. You should defeat your teacher Herobrine while avoiding obstacles. If you fail a lesson with a character, you can try to complete it with another one. You can choose which lesson you want to try from the main menu.

Being a monster is not an easy job, but luckily you can graduate with flying colors if you pay attention in class. Why not test your newly earned abilities in another game, Mr. Herobrine? Have fun playing!


Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Monster School Challenge 2.

Release Date

September 23, 2022


Challenging gameplay

Various characters to control

Intuitive controls

Pixel art style

Different obstacles to avoid


You can use your mouse to play. Use the WASD keys to control your character.