Hold on to your brakes because we’re about to drift in Drift Parking! Are you ready to be the craziest around and drift like crazy? Now, get your best car and be sure to show your best moves!

In this game, you are showing everyone how edgy you are with your moves on the asphalt. Your main aim is to drift like there’s no tomorrow. You can freely drive around the pavement but be sure to save your crazy drifts only to parking. Both sides of the road are full of cars, but occasionally, you will see some spaces for your car. With every successful parking, you’ll earn some money. You can use that money to upgrade your car and experience the new levels. To have good parking, you should first wait until you see an empty parking spot. Later, you should tilt your car to drift right after your car passes the car on the sides. This way, your car will perfectly fit in the space. Be sure not to have risky parking or crash into other cars and the sidewalk. Are you ready to practice and make your drift parking perfect?

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FK developed Drift Parking.

Release Date

December 29, 2021


2D colorful graphics

New cars to unlock

Need for skillful driving controls

Fun driving experience!


You can use the WASD, the arrow keys, or the mouse to tilt and drift the car.