Get into the league of champions in 2 Chaos Giant! Here are the best and most powerful superheroes of all time. You are one of the best of the best, but you can’t ignore your rivals who are all very popular heroes. Now, are you ready to fight against them?

This is a game of invasion. You are put together in an area with all the superheroes around you. You can freely stroll around this area within the borders. Your aim is to get bigger by completing the levels. The bigger you get, the easier you can stroll through the area and the better you can attack your rivals. When you get too close to a rival, you need to attack rapidly or else they will attack you and cause you to fail. You can check the leader board from the left upper corner of the screen to see how you rank. Also, keep an eye on the level indicator on the top of the screen. Now, let’s see if you can be among the winners and one of the last ones standing in the arena!

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LoraStudio developed 2 Chaos Giant.

Release Date

May 09, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• IO game with real-time rivals

• Requirement of strategic thinking

• Bonuses and skins to unlock


You can drag the character with the left click to move it.