Guns? Check! Missions? Check! Squad? Ready! Then join your squad in Strike Force Heroes 3 and let the bullets fly! Continuing from where the last game left off, Strike Force Heroes 3 will keep you absorbed in this action-packed world once again. Get your guns and squad ready! We are going to put an end to the evil plans of the scientists! You must stop GLOBEX before they take over the world!

Strike Force Heroes 3 has over 60 missions to complete with each having different difficulty levels. Place your finger on the trigger and fight your way through 49 main mission and 11 special missions. Successfully completing these special missions will allow you to get a new class! You can create your own squad with the heroes you unlock by completing the missions. Having a reliable squad member is assuring but heroes can't keep on fighting forever. If you send one to many mission in a row, the hero will become tired and lose certain stats. Tired heroes will have a hand on their stomach and lose %20 of their stats. Injured heroes will barely stand up and lose %50 of their health. Heroes in the critical situation are the most damaged ones, they will lose %99 of their health! But don't worry! You should give them some time to recover. After each successful battle, a day will pass and your heroes will slowly heal. You will also earn free weapons and items after each battle you won. You can have up to 5 heroes in your squad. You can switch between your squad members and play more effectively. Strike Force Heroes 3 brings a new feature to the game, the Workshop. Here you can create and upgrade weapons with the blueprints you've collected. It is a nice alternative to in-game shop.

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Strike Force Heroes 3 was made by Sky9 Games, which also developed Raze 2.

Release Date

June 2015


  • Challenging gameplay
  • 60 missions
  • Customizable weapons and squads


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around and crouch. Press the R key or left mouse button to reload your weapon. Press the Q or SHIFT to switch weapons. Press E or CTRL for a kill streak. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.