Are you ready to face the aliens and the zombie virus one more time? Raze 2 is here with aliens, zombies, firearms, explosions and many more action features that you've been yearning for since the first game. 15 years have passed but the humans are still recovering from the invasion. Another alien attack is at your doorstep and it’s your job to stop them once again! Grab your guns and put on your armor! Humanity depends on you!

Try to repel the aliens and zombies throughout the 15 levels of Raze 2, and put an end to the invasion! You are the last member of the military order called Raze and you are humanity's last hope for survival. Infected with the zombie virus, you have a limited amount of time to stop the aliens! Luckily, you have many weapons and upgrades to improve your offense and defense. As the player, your objective is to defeat every enemy in each level with the aid of your comrades. These zombies are not sluggish! They are armed to the teeth and very keen on destroying you! You can collect power-ups in each level to survive the intense firepower coming from the invaders. You can't defeat an invading force with just a pistol! Each level also has various weapons scattered around so collect them all and show those aliens that this is your planet! Be careful though! Your enemies will also collect these power-ups. Every story has two sides. Raze 2 has two campaigns: When you complete the human campaign, you can change sides and play as the aliens! Collect guns, use power-ups and annihilate your enemies! Whether you play as a human or an alien, let no one stand between you and your objective!

Do you believe there is life on other planets? If so why not explore what our intergalactic neighbors are doing in our alien games collection?


Raze 2 was created by AddisonR and JuiceTin.

Release Date

September 15, 2011


  • 15 levels
  • Different endings
  • Vast array of weapons
  • Two different campaigns, alien and human


Use your mouse to aim. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move.