Bring out the shooter in you in Sniper Shot: Bullet Time! A completely different dimension with a completely unique setting awaits you. There are many enemies to attack and only your weapon to trust. Can you win this challenge?

Here is a great aiming and shooting game for you. In the middle of a space that is covered with white walls and grey dots, you are left alone with your weapon. So, hold on tight to your weapon and start detecting your enemies. You can check your enemy count from the counter in the top left corner. You can check where your enemies are from the map in the top right corner. Once you detect the enemies, click right to see them up close and aim well. Click left to shoot. You can always choose between turning the bloody mode on or off according to your wish. Once you finally detect and shoot all your enemies, you will become the winner and move on to the next level. Now, get ready to defeat your enemies and get the victory!

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GoGoMan developed Sniper Shot: Bullet Time.

Release Date

July 05, 2022


• Unique 3D graphics

• First-person shooter game

• Multiple levels

• Option to turn the bloody mode on or off


You can use the left click to shoot, right click to aim, scroll to zoom in and out, and space key to jump.