Become the ruler of time and shoot your shot in Time Shooter 3: SWAT! Time is just a conception, and now you have the power to make it turn into a reality of your own. Get your weapon, aim well, and become the survivor!

Here you are, in a white 3D area framed by the concept of time. There is a problem. You have many enemies that you need to fight against. But there is also a good side to all of these. You have a miraculous super-power. You can rule time. Everything is in slow motion unless you move. Time streams normally, and things move at their normal speed only when you move. So, keep this huge advantage in mind while moving. Get guns from around you, throw them at your enemies when you’re out of bullets and finally open the door and flee when you eliminate all your enemies! Let’s see if you’ll be able to defeat everyone around you!

If you enjoyed this fantastic shooting game, make sure to play Time Shooter for more adventure in this world!


GoGoMan developed Time Shooter 3: SWAT.

Release Date

April 07, 2022


• Interesting 3D graphics

• Variety of weapons to use

• Multiple levels

• Unique gameplay


You can use the WASD to move, the left-click to shoot, right-click to throw the weapons, and the F key to grab the objects.