Protect innocent civilians with your sniping skills with Sniper 3D! Watch over the streets of your city, get missions from higher places, and take criminals down with your sniper rifle! Accept your new job now, and let's start roaming the streets to hunt the bad guys!

Help the police and the intelligence team get the bad guys and protect the city! You can choose missions, get information about the criminals the police are after, and use energy to take them down! To start getting quests, you must follow the tutorial level and learn the basic controls. Now you are ready to become the next hero of your city! Observation is half of the job, so you must be patient with your work. Avoid harming any civilians and focus only on the bad guys. Use the binoculars to get a closer look at the scene and wait for the signal. If the number of culprits is high, take everyone down quickly because the other offenders can start shooting around. Use diamonds or watch short ads to refill your energy and keep playing. Save money from work, buy better rifles to get better at your job, and bring justice to the darkest corners of this city!

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2Play developed Sniper 3D.

Release Date

August 29, 2022


First-person sniper game

Colorful 3D graphics

Energy system

Lots of levels to complete

Unlockable weapons

Available on mobile


Use your mouse to play