Shoot your enemies for life in Mine Shooter Monsters Royale! You are a lone blocky survivor and you are thirsty for some action. So, why not spend your whole will on monstrous enemies? Let’s gear up and clear the streets of these beasts!

Here you are, in the middle of the darkest spots of the city. Your sole aim is to shoot the zombies and the huggy wuggies after you. If you can fight well enough, you will not only save yourself but also clear the city of these evil monsters. So, first, choose between the night suburbia, construction site, or battle royal. Then you can start working on your sharp aiming skills to kill the zombies. Always keep an eye on the map on the top left of the screen to watch out for your enemies. Let’s see if you can fight them all and save yourself from this darkness!

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Developer developed Mine Shooter Monsters Royale.

Release Date

April 14, 2022


3D spooky graphics

Weapons to unlock

A large and engaging game map

Scary and spooky atmosphere

Assistive map to show the location of the monsters


You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to move, your cursor to see around, and the left click of your mouse to shoot.