Mineworld Horror invites you to one of the most thrilling horror adventures ever! Can you imagine the wonderful world of Minecraft is turning into a nightmare? Well, you don't have to imagine anymore because it is real! Grab your weapon, enter one of the exciting game modes and feel the survival in your bones. Destroy all the monsters, get out of this scary mansion, and continue to live your life. What if you can't get out? Let's see what happens now!

Mineworld adventures are back with a brand new chapter that will make you one step closer to death. In this horror game, you have only one objective to follow, and that is to survive. Don't panic, but you'll run into various monsters who swore to cut your head off. The game consists of two game modes as the escape mode and the shooter mode. The escape mode is all about finding your way out of the mansion and running away from the monsters. There are 3 difficulty levels in this game mode. In the easy mode, you can defend yourself if you can ever achieve to find the weapon. The shooter mode is about you being first killing the monsters before they hunt you down. You gotta be real quick in this mode because there is no respawn! Good luck and have fun!

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kiz10.com developed Mineworld Horror.

Release Date

August 05, 2021


  • 3D pixelated graphics
  • 2 game modes to enjoy
  • 3 difficulty level in the escape mode
  • Spooky and challenging gameplay


Move with the keyboard arrows or the WASD keys Spacebar to jump, F to grab objects, and open doors. Use the mouse to shoot.