In Rugby Down Hero, get ready for the most exciting match of your life. You must stand alone and fight the enemy team by yourself to emerge as the winner in this game. Are you up for the challenge?

The enemy team is ready for the match. You'll fight them alone but don't worry. We are always here to help you and we also believe that you have what it takes to defeat them on your own. Your objective is to complete each level and reach the finish line. To play this game you can use your mouse. If you're ready, it's time to travel the world and face your opponents. At first, when you begin the match, you will not able to fight your opponents. You simply need to press and hold the left mouse button and run to reach the finish line. The enemy team will be waiting for you in the field so you'll have to be quick to try and evade their attacks. If they catch you, the game's over. So you have to be very careful. In the field, you'll see batteries scattered all around. Collect 3 of them to attack and kill your opponents. Just release the left mouse button to attack. When you complete each level, you'll get coins that you can use to buy new characters. Complete all the levels and the missions you can see at the bottom of the screen and show your enemies who is the boss!

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NSBrotherhood developed Rugby Down Hero.

Release Date

May 03, 2017.


  • Dfferent characters to buy
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Nice 2D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.