Wear your boots and your straw hat because we’re going farming with Idle Farm! As one of the farm-themed clicker games, Idle Farm will let you experience all the good parts of the farm life. Till your plots, plant crops, and watch them grow as you imagine the riches you will earn by selling them. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Let the philosophers answer that age-old question and focus on your profits. Start getting some dirt under your nails because, in Idle Farm, neither the chicken nor the egg would be there if not for you!

Cute graphics and easy controls meet with the laid-back gameplay of the clicker genre in Idle Farm and the result is a peaceful gaming experience for players of all ages. As the player, you are the owner of a farm with many fertile plots. Your objective is to plant crops, raise livestock, and sell your products at the market for profit. At the beginning of the game, you start small. Your first available crop will be carrots and they will provide you enough income so that you can hire help and upgrade your plot. You can choose to get your hands dirty by doing all the work but hiring an assistant is a wise investment for the future of your farm. These hard-working people will take care of the plots they are assigned by watering, collecting, and packaging the products and sending them to the market. Each plot can only have one worker so be sure to unlock all of them as soon as you can. As you sell produce and earn experience points, you will level up and unlock more profitable crops and livestock. You will earn more money from tomatoes than you do from carrots. Besides new crops, you can also unlock new plots to plant better crops as you level up! Eventually, all you have to do is watch your farm grow.

Clicker games don’t require too much player attention after a certain point and this is what makes them very popular. Watching your business grow by itself proves the wisdom of the decisions you made at the start of the game and it’s a rewarding experience. If you enjoy clicker games like many other players, be sure to check out the wildly popular game Habbo Clicker and try to run a hotel.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Different crops to grow
  • Can hire helpers


Use your mouse to play this game.