Habbo Clicker, one of the most successful management games, awaits its new hotel manager. And that just so happens to be you! Jump into the colorful, virtual word and start running the business with your strategic problem-solving skills. Through careful planning and resource management you can upgrade your rooms and unlock new suites. Completely upgrade your hotel and start all over with a new one, but this time with an increased income multiplier. Are you ready to test yourself? Building and expanding a hotel empire is just a few clicks away!

Every success story starts with a humble beginning. Start yours with a small room that has very few items in it. These items are your key to reach those financially successful and wealthy days. Keep an eye on the blue bars hovering on top of each item. Each bar indicates the income you generate from the items. Once the bar is full, you can collect your money. Ka-Ching! At first, the pace and the increase in income will be slow. To improve these aspects, you should upgrade your items. Upgrade the speed of any item to level 5 and it will start to collect money automatically! The more you upgrade, the more money you'll earn. Using the profits you make, you can unlock more rooms and generate even more money. What an addicting and rewarding cycle!

Furniture, appliances, and decorative pieces of art are your main source of income. But there are other ways to earn some extra money too! You'll notice new characters starting to appear as you upgrade and expand your hotel by adding rooms. These characters also generate income. Once they’ve collected enough cash for you to pick up, you'll see a coin icon hovering over each of them. Click on the character to receive your payment. Sometimes a pelican will decide to fly over your facility. Catch and click on it before it flies away! It carries a surprising amount of coins in that large beak! Do you think you've found the mogul within yourself? Why not challenge yourself with our other management games?


Habbo Clicker was created by Habbo.

Release Date

February 2019


  • Idle Gameplay
  • Easy Controls
  • Hotel Management
  • Unlockable New Suites


Use your mouse to play this game.