Get ready to have the biggest challenge of your life in Round 6: The Game. You are one of the hundreds of contestants in this survival game. You must fight for your life or you will be shot to death. A series of games await you in this game. Are you ready to win them all to save your life?

In this game, you will see a set of 6 games. All of these games are ones that you need to work hard to save your life. When you are put among many others, you will need to focus on your own scores not to be shot for death. In the first game, you need to run when the light is green and stop when the light is red. Try to finish the parkour in the given time, too. In the second game, you should get the shapes out of honeycomb sugars without breaking them. In the big fight, you will need to fight your rivals until the time is over and try to stay alive. In the tug of war, you’ll work as a team to pull your rivals off the edge. In the fifth game, you will try to throw the marbles into the pit. And in the sixth game, you should memorize the places of the unbreakable glasses not to fall when you jump on them. The aim is to reach across the platform! Finally, a big surprise awaits you as the final big game! Do you think you can see the final game?

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Firstpixel developed Round 6: The Game.

Release Date

December 10, 2021


3D colorful graphics

Challenging gameplay

Intuitive skills

Addictive levels

7 rounds of challenging gameplay


You can use your mouse to play the minigames.