Wake all the robots up in Robot Awake! To rescue humanity, you need the help of a group of semi-developed robots. They are the key to your solution for the rest of life on earth, but they are all asleep. Can you help solve the puzzle and wake them all up?

These robots work with the power they obtain from the lasers all around the hub. The problem is that these lasers are not directed toward the robots. Still, it is in your hands to direct the direction of these lasers into the robots. Use the tiles to reflect the lasers from one corner to the other. You can click on the tiles and direct them right into the robots. You need to wake all the robots at each level at the same time to pass the level. The puzzling positioning of the tiles becomes increasingly difficult throughout the 100 levels. So, let’s see how you can solve all the puzzles in levels and wake up all the robots!

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Salt Pastel Studio developed Robot Awake.

Release Date

April 13, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Intuitive skills

• Interesting gameplay

• 100 levels


You can click on the tiles to rotate them.