Lose yourself in a different world in Survival 456 But It Imposter. Your favorite characters are trapped in the dystopian world full of cruel and gruesome games. You are number 456 and you need to save your own life, though. Can you complete all these risky games?

Here, you will not only be playing a survival game but you will be taken to witness a new adventure as a gameplay experience. Here, you have 9 main games. These games consist of many levels. The rewards are diamonds and coins that you can collect through the levels. The penalty if you fail, is death. You need to survive in this series of dangerous games such as zombie attack, rope rescue, tug of war, or red, green light. You can unlock new games with your diamonds, so be sure to successfully win the rounds you play. As we said, you are trapped in a new world and as part of the whole gaming experience, you can set aside the challenges and focus on this online world, too. Click on the house icon and upgrade your surrounding. Get new tools like a piggy bank or get a new guard. Feel free to lose yourself in this online world, unlock all the games, and enhance your gameplay experience!

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Bin Studio developed Survival 456 But It Imposter.

Release Date

January 22, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Constantly updated games

Challenging gameplay

Upgradeable in-game world

9 games with many levels


You can use your mouse to click on the options and play the games.