Rhino Rush Stampede challenges you to beat your own survival skills over and over again! Help our blue rhino friend collect various fruits and stars by simply keeping him alive. Sounds easy, right? Well, see for yourself!

Hitting walls, cacti, or any other obstacle kills you, water kills you, forgetting to dash while running into sidekick boxes kills you. What does not kill you? Fruits. We have bananas, apples, grapes, and avocados; everything you might need here in the wild. Staying healthy while investing for future runs sounds like a win-win. As you collect stars; more upgrades, sidekicks, gadgets, and silly hats will be available in the shop called Shaman’s Corner. All you have to do is focus on collecting fruits and stars while avoiding everything else you come across. You can get a little help from the friends on your way; they all have unique features. Dragons can fly and breathe fire, hippos can suck fruit from afar like it’s nothing, a flamingo can help you with your fear of water, but you should still be careful to keep them alive. In Shaman’s Corner, you can also get 10% extra fruit by watching a short ad if you would like. Whatever you do, this little rhino believes in you.

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Xform developed Rhino Rush Stampede.

Release Date

January 10, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Fun and evolving game experience

Cute character designs

Available on mobile devices


You can use arrow keys or a mouse to play this game.