Get challenged by extreme loads and tricky road shapes with 4WD Off-Road Driving Sim! Get quests out of town and drive your machine to the heart of the wild! Load your truck with barrels and crates and keep them safe through the bumpy rides to your destination!

Everyone can drive luxurious race cars but controlling a loaded truck for an off-road mission takes skills. These quests might seem a little tricky at the start, but you will get used to the controls quickly. Unlike city races, these missions do not require speed; you are asked to bring the goods to locations safely. So, follow the road slowly, and do not refrain from stopping and resting for a while when you have to. Follow the paths and mountain roads and reach the finish line. New vehicles unlock as you advance further through the levels. Different cars can work better at certain road shapes, so try everything and find what works for you. Take the weather into consideration and be extra cautious under the rain. Watch out for road signs to avoid crashes. Complete levels without dropping any boxes or barrels to get three stars and finish the stage with the maximum score points!

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Developer developed 4WD Off-Road Driving Sim.

Release Date

July 20, 2022


Stunning scenery

Nice 3D graphics

Unlockable vehicles

30 challenging levels


Use “W, A, S, D” to play.