Pop all the balloons in Oddbods Pogo Popper! Two friends have come together, and they are up to something. With tens of balloons around and a precious red ball, you will have the time of your life trying to catch the ball now!

Here is a fun 3D game for you where you need to work hand in hand with your two funky friends. Your friends are after a red ball. So, help them get the ball in the easiest way. One friend is holding a slingshot with a small rock. Another friend is waiting with his hands open to hold the precious red ball. Your duty is to use the assistive lines and aim at the balloons in the air. Try to pop all the balloons but especially the balloons with stars since you will be able to unlock gifts with the stars you collect. Once you successfully let the balloon fall into the hands of your purple friend, you will pass to the next level. There are 30 levels for you to enjoy this mischievous adventure, so let’s see how good you’ll do!

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One Animation developed Oddbods Pogo Popper.

Release Date

June 2022


• 3D vibrant graphics

• Gifts to unlock

• Entertaining and addictive gameplay

• Intuitive controls


You can click left and drag the cursor to aim at the balloons using the assistive line.