Stack up a high tower of food in Oddbods Food Stacker! You are working at your dream job now. Your whole aim is to build a great tower. But this tower is made of tasty fast food. Now, start operating your machine and build up your tower

A happy workday begins. Yet another day to go on doing what you love. You can go as high as you can with your fun machine. Your aim is to stack up stocks of fast food on top of each other. This will make up a huge and high food tower. Your ingredients are hotdogs, blocks of cheese, cans of soda, sandwiches, and hotdogs. If you break your personal records, you can unlock new types of food, too. Now, all you need is to left-click and drop the items on top of your stack. You should choose the right moment to drop the items since the hook is gliding side by side in the air. Let’s see how high you can go with this fun tower!

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One Animation developed Oddbods Food Stacker.

Release Date

May, 2022


• 3D vibrant graphics

• New icons to unlock

• Entertaining and addictive gameplay

• Intuitive controls


You can left-click to let the icons fall on top of the tower.