Work on an endless level in Noob Escape: One Level Again! Welcome to a different version of the Groundhog Day. Here, you are presented with a surprise. You won’t be living the same day but will play the same level over and over! Are you ready for this endless loop?

This may seem like a regular adventure game to you where you will be running through platforms for many levels. But in fact, you shouldn’t be expecting any levels in this game. Here, all you will be playing at the same level over and over again. There will be some very vital changes, though. Keep an eye on the on-screen instructions to see what each part expects of you. There are 100 parts for you to go through the same platform but try different things to unlock the door and stay alive. So, let’s see if you’ll memorize each step and can adapt to the new gameplay at each part!

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Noob vs Pro team developed Noob Escape: One Level Again.

Release Date

May 30, 2022


• Vintage-looking colorful graphics

• Level one over and over again

• Fun controls

• Addictive and fun gameplay

• Assistive on-screen game instructions


You can use the buttons on your screen to control the character. You can also press the space key to jump and use the arrow keys to move.