Become a real pro at driving buses with Real Bus Simulator 3D! You may think that being a bus driver is a very easy task. But you should see for yourself if it really is as easy as you think. So, come and try it for yourself and drive the bus of the city around!

This is a simulation game that will make you engage with all the details of using a bus. You can enjoy the cubic 3D graphics while driving around the city. Your main task here will be to pick up and drop passengers from the bus stops. So, try to stop at the bus stops in the smoothest way. Also, make sure that you don’t crush and drive the bus well. You can earn coins with each successful task and use them to unlock new buses from the garage. Simply use the WASD keys to move around. You can click on the gas and brake pedals on the screen to accelerate or stop. Enhance your driving skills, pass all the levels and see if you can unlock the skill mode and other fun surprises!

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CarGames.Com developed Real Bus Simulator 3.

Release Date

June 02, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Bonuses and new busses to unlock

• Fun simulation with driving motion

• Skill mode to unlock


You can use the WASD keys to drive the car. Press the gas and brake pedal on the screen to accelerate or stop.