Memory Match is a cute and colorful way to test the vigor of your brain. Do you think you have a strong memory? Can you remember even the tiniest detail from an old memory? If so, you can see if your memory is as sharp as you claim! Get ready to embrace the challenge!

People with strong memory do not have to remember where they left their keys because they already know where it is. They also reach the highest scores in this fun and challenging game. You should try to remember the places of all the items in each level of this game and match them with their pair. In the beginning, the levels will be very simple with few items. But as you prove your skill, you'll face more challenging levels further into the game. Click on a card to reveal the item behind it, and try to remember its pair. Once you match the pair successfully, they will be removed from the board, and you'll earn points. You can track your score from the top of the screen. The gold symbol shows your score in the current play session, and the trophy shows your all-time high score. Do you have what it takes to beat yourself in this game? You don't need to rush as there aren't any time limits. Just focus and try to match as many pairs as you can without any mistakes! Have fun playing!

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Redfoc developed Memory Match.

Release Date

March 21, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Many different levels with increasing difficulty
  • Intuitive control
  • Fun, addictive, and challenging gameplay


Use your mouse to play.