Dig your way through challenges to freedom in Noob Miner: Escape from Prison! You found yourself as a part of the prison and you need to be free because you are innocent. Now, use all your talents to save yourself from being imprisoned.

This is your world in a whole other dimension and you, as Noob, can figure out the solution to any problem you face. Even when you were being instructed about what to do by the prison manager, you had everything set in your mind. All these tasks you need to complete that are given by the manager are just a tool for you on your way to freedom. Use your ax and dig around to fill your inventory. You can sell and trade these resources for money and other things you need. Just keep an eye on the task list on the top right of the screen and try to complete them one by one to upgrade your time in prison, only to be set free. Let’s see how this adventure will turn out to be and if you can be free again!

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Noob vs Pro team developed Noob Miner: Escape from Prison.

Release Date

October 11, 2022


Vintage-looking colorful graphics

Large game map

Several boutiques to sell and buy stuff

Tasks rapidly updated


Move the character with the WASD or arrow keys. Click on the screen and hold on clicking to break the blocks. Click right to place a block on a spot you wish.