Become the best student in your school in Monster School Challenges! If you always got bored at school because your lessons were boring, you can now experience a fun school curriculum. Get ready to feel what it’s like to be a student at this monster school!

Here you are in the hallway of the monster with all the familiar characters. Noob is at school with his monster friends this time. He is very passionate about his subjects, so help him pass all the lessons. There are three main games you can enjoy in this game. These three games are bottle flip, parkour, and roller coaster. You can play these games with all the characters you see in the class. If you fail the task, you will get an F, and you will get an A if you can succeed in it. In bottle flip, try to land the bottle you flip in a straight way. In the parkour, you need to avoid the dangers and complete running through the parkour without failing. Finally, in the roller coaster game, you will need to ride your cart in the best way while avoiding the TNTs. Now, let’s see how well you’ll do in this fun collection of mini-games with many characters.

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Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Monster School Challenges.

Release Date

July 19, 2022


• 2D pixelated graphics

• 3 different minigames

• Multiple characters to try out the same games with

• Story-like gameplay


You can use the arrow keys, left click, and the space key to play the mini-games according to the instructions.