Merge objects to meet your customers' needs with Merge & Decor! Collect orders from your customers, prepare all kinds of materials for them, and use your savings to decorate gorgeous houses! Turn shabby sheds into palaces with your matchless taste, and show everyone how to run a multi-branch business!

Merge your two jobs like you merge those objects! Upgrade your services with each move, and keep your high-standard customers content with this game. Each sale is a new experience in the field for you; follow the wishes of your customers on the top, and aim for those goods. Click on the source items on the table, and merge the identical objects. Hold an object and merge it with its chained pair to open more space while expanding your business. Click on the customer after completing the order to get paid. Once you have enough stars, you can move to the living room and start the decorations! Choose every detail: from carpets to curtains, it's all up to you! Return to the merging game for more stars and recharge your resources. Open chests, use energizers, and upgrade your services. Start getting more complex orders and keep up with all the challenges!

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2Play developed Merge & Decor.

Release Date

February 20, 2023


  • Nice colorful graphics
  • Mini-games and surprise rewards
  • Addictive and fun gameplay
  • Upgradable features


You can use your mouse to play this game.