Follow the new chapters of Emily's cooking adventures with Delicious: Emily's New Beginning! Now that her daughter, Paige, is no longer a little baby, Emily feels ready to restart her cafe business. Help her serve the customers, add new flavors to her place, and keep up with the town's gossip every day!

Get ready to be challenged by the everyday challenges of motherhood and cafe work! Emily thinks she is ready to run her cafe and take care of Paige at the same time, but what about you? You can learn more about her story by reading the opening dialogues between levels. Follow the story to get a hint at what challenges are waiting for you. Now you are ready! Flip the open sign and wait for the first customers to come in. You can get the orders when they are ready, then get to cooking! Getting a table's all orders at once gets you extra score points, so focusing on completing as many as possible is the best tactic here. Unlock new options for your menu with each level, and keep up with the increasing crowd. Face new challenges and big restaurants, keep Paige safe, and become the best local cafe!

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Gamehouse developed Delicious Emily's New Beginning.

Release Date

February 14, 2023


  • New chapters from Emily's life
  • Funny character dialogues
  • Increasing food options
  • High-paced and addictive challenges


You can use your mouse to play this game.