Get ready to work in the best way possible because a lot depends on you in Emily's Home Sweet Home! This game is much more than a decoration game. Come and see what it takes to build the things you want.

In this adventure game, you are invited to live the days of the week alongside Emily and her family and friends. Emily and her family have recently moved into a house that needs to be repaired in the best way to become what they actually dream of. To achieve this, you need to help Emily work in a fundraiser and do her job in the best way. Get to know all the neighbours around, follow the detailed and engaging storyline, unlock new chapters, and progress through this unique game. You can both enjoy managing the fundraiser and decorating the rooms in two separate game modes. Now, make yourself at home and enjoy living in this sweet neighbourhood!

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Gamehouse developed Emily's Home Sweet Home.

Release Date

January 12, 2023


• Colorful graphics

• Two main game modes

• Engaging storyline

• Detailed instructions on how to play


Click left to choose the options and move towards an object.