In Bonnie Movie Night, it's time to make Bonnie feel comfortable! She likes to have Friday night just for herself and chill on the couch by watching movies. Can you help her choose a comfy outfit? Have fun!

Bonnie has a big cinema set up in her living room and now, on Friday night, all she wants to do is lay down on the couch and watch some movies! Your only job is to choose an outfit for her and let her have fun in her living room. If you are ready for your job, you can now click on the play button and start the game. Lets help her change into something cozier than her business outfit! You can start with choosing her hairstyle among the options like a ponytail, braids, straightened, or wavy. Then you should make her feel comfy, so choose her pajamas among a pair of plaid shorts and a simple blouse, a pair of sky printed pajamas with a rainbow on the chest, and an oversized t-shirt with a fun message or an evening gown with winter prints. You can customize the color of any item you want. Now, its time to add some accessories to complete her look. You can make her wear her pair of fluffy slippers, 3D glasses, and so on. And lastly! Don't forget to give her some snacks! She needs popcorn and soda while watching a movie. Lets help Bonnie feel comfy and chill on a Friday night! Have fun!

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Daria Games developed Bonnie Movie Night.

Release Date

November 10, 2016


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Various outfit options to choose
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Dress up game


You can use your mouse to play this game.