Find the identical 3D objects in the toy pile, place them on the slots, and match them before the time runs out with Match Tiles 3D! Use your limited slots wisely, make move combos after combos to multiply your score, and advance through increasing difficulty! Get daily rewards and surprises, and open treasure chests!

Welcome to a puzzle where you collect stars to buy boosters, and unlock chests to get new assignments! Start with your first puzzle and learn the basics of this new adventure you got yourself in! You have a mountain of objects randomly piled up before you. There are three of each object and seven slots to place them. You must be careful placing these objects into slots because running out of space is the only way of losing this game other than running out of time. Go group by group and avoid adding new objects before completing the previous one. Angles can be misleading as you see three versions of each object from different angles. Start with the objects that stand out the most and leave the most difficult ones to the end of the level. Make combos by quickly eliminating toys one after another, and multiply your score points!

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Albayoo developed Match Tile 3D.

Release Date

July 20, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

Colorful objects and unlockable sets

Easy to play

Surprise gifts and daily rewards

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play.