Get ready for the most tangled puzzle session of your life in Mahjong Duels! It’s time to prove how good of a Mahjong player you are not in a certain place but around the world! Travel across the globe and explore new opponents and new games!

In this Mahjong game, you will be able to travel through the ancient world while unlocking new game modes in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Maya, India, and China. Take a quick trip back in time and see how the game goes in each of these unlockable game modes. When you begin a Mahjong session, you will see classic gameplay where you can click on the tiles and keep them in the empty tile spots until you find the identical pair of the previously chosen tile. You can apply to unlock new slots for extra chances or use the bonuses like the tip bonus, shuffle bonus, or undo bonus. When the time is up, the party with the most points will become the winner of the session. You can check out your card collection, take a look at the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards and even enhance your gamer profile in this game, too!

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LazyLand SA developed Mahjong Duels.

Release Date

October 25, 2022


6 unique game themes

Colorful 2D graphics

Uniquely designed tiles

Assistive bonuses to use when in need

Leaderboard available


Click on the tiles to move them to empty spots in order to be able to match the identical ones.