In Matching Pattern, every tile has a pair, and none of them should be alone! How sharp are your eyes? With many different tiles lined up in mixed order, it'll be quite a challenge to clear the board before the time runs out. Can you finish the game before you run out of time?

Look at those tiles scattered around! Your objective in the game is to help these tiles by matching them with their pairs before you run out of time. It's pretty easy to play this game. When you start, take a look at the game board. Click on a tile to highlight it, and then try to find its match. Once you find the other one, click on it with your left mouse button again. This will create a link between the two tiles, and you can watch the reunited pair leave the board in happiness. Now, move onto the other tiles. You should know that even if you find the identical pairs, sometimes you won't be able to remove them. Clear the surrounding tiles first to free them and try again. Got stuck? At the lower right side of the screen, you'll see many useful tools to use. You can use a hint, shuffle the tiles or pause the game. Above them, you can see the number of your available hints. On top of that, you can see your score. As you match the tiles and clear them from the board, you'll earn points and time. Can you act quickly to completely clear the board?

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  • 2D graphics
  • Cute characters
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


Use your left mouse button to pair the identical tiles to clear them from the board.