Match the cutest alien animals in Space Pet Link! Give your puzzle-solving skills a workout with the most adorable cards, two difficulty modes, and a challenging time limit! Take your best score one step further with each turn, adapt to the changing themes of the stages, and accept help from the boosters!

If you are ready for a time-limited pairing challenge, hit the play button and follow the two-step tutorials. Use your mouse or tap on the screen of your mobile device to choose a tile. Now repeat the same move to choose an identical card and eliminate them off the game table! The first two moves might have made it look simple, but you will see how challenging it can get through the game. For example, the created link can consist of a maximum of two turns. You can match pairs placed together in the middle of the table, but starting from the sides of the board and moving toward the center is generally the best tactic in this game. Master your gameplay in the easy mode and then see how you do in the hard mode with limited hints and more advanced game boards. Complete levels quickly to get a time bonus added to your score and improve it further.

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Azerion Casual Games developed Space Pet Link.

Release Date

August 31, 2023


Cute alien cards

Two game mode difficulties

A time limit

Helpful hints


You can use your mouse to play.