Match adorable animals to solve puzzles in Dream Pet Link 2! In this new chapter of the addictive puzzle saga, players can choose between two difficulty options and learn to adapt to the changing game rules on each level. Pick between two modes to determine the number of cards in the game, and let's start matching!

Animal lovers and nature enthusiasts gather up; we have a new puzzle challenge for you! Teleport to a new world and meet all types of creatures; you'll need friends to pass these levels! Well, you can start the first level and see it for yourself! Here in the tutorials, you can see how the game is played and try to make your first moves. To properly match two cards, you must create a lint between them in a maximum of two turns. You might find that easier between the cards closer to the sides of the table, but there are also some pairs placed together in the pile. Match as many pieces in the middle as possible to open more space and increase the number of possible matches. Use the magnifying glass bonus above to search for pairs in the crowd and pass challenging levels.

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Agame developed Dream Pet Link 2.

Release Date

June 2023


  • Two difficulty options
  • Evolving gameplay with changing game rules
  • Addictive levels
  • In-game boosters


You can use your mouse to play.