Logo Memory Food Edition is ready to test your memory with your logo knowledge of the biggest fast-food chains! Do you trust your memory enough to match all the same fast-food chain's logos before the time is up? If so, you are invited to this logo memory challenge! But before you start, fill up your stomach because this fun food game will give an edge to your appetite!

In this fun food memory game, your objective is a quite simple one. You need to match the two logos that belong to the same fast-food chain. If you are familiar with all the companies, that is a real big plus for you to remember! Contrary to most of the icon matching games, you are not going to see the open version of the cards when you start in this game. All the icons will be distributed as closed. So, you need to pick two randomly, and as you keep opening the cards, you should try to memorize. Last but not least, you have a limited time to match those icons. Do not forget to check your remaining time at the top of the screen. Just under the timeline, you will see 3 stars. The faster you complete the level, the more stars you can earn. Good luck and have fun!

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Playtouch developed this game.

Release Date

May 6, 2019


  • Over 10 different fast-food logos
  • 30 levels of memory challenge
  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Time limit


You can play this game with your mouse.