Find a way out to save your life in Labo 3D Maze! You were trapped in a nightmare of a forest, and you keep finding yourself inside a maze. Now, your fate is in your hands. Use your wits and try to escape this spooky maze land!

Here, all you need is to pass all the 24 levels to reach your freedom. You will find yourself in the beginning point of a maze at each level. Be careful, though. The mazes get increasingly difficult. So, if you want to survive these, you will need to watch out for booby traps like sudden fires or keep an eye on the assisting map on the screen to find your way. You have five characters to choose from who you will be walking with through a maze with wonderful graphics. Try to collect all the keys at each level to finally open the exit door. Let’s see if you’ll manage to be free out of these enchanted woods!

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RHM Interactive developed Labo 3D Maze.

Release Date

March 04, 2022


• 3D amazing graphics

• Assistive map available

• Challenging puzzle

• 5 characters


You can move with the WASD or arrow keys. Use the cursor for the view and mouse scroll to zoom in or out. You can use the objects with the E key.