Start from the Green Lands and take over the world with your stickman army with Kings Clash! Earn money off your victories, buy more units, and merge them to get more powerful units! Strategize and recruit before the battles to celebrate after! Let's start conquering, and add more gold to the treasures of our kingdom!

Welcome to the heart of the middle ages! Here, kings live in castles, and knights ride white horses. But before we get to the mighty knights, you must do some merging. Your first battles start with the smallest units, like archers and swordsmen. You must focus on merging two identical units to create a much stronger one with fewer men. At first, attacking a more crowded group with an armored group of three might seem crazy, but the outcome will be so satisfying! Position your sword users at the front and the archers at the back so the archers can deal damage while the knights tank the enemy attacks. Recruit more soldiers between fights to upgrade your units and attacks. Make it to the boss levels and face terrifying giants with weapons! Defeat armies and monsters to unlock new areas and conquer the world!

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Lipsar Studio LLC developed Kings Clash.

Release Date

October 11, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Addictive gameplay with challenging levels

Improving strategy skills

Unlockable rewards

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.