In Ice Princess Love Proposal, two men are fighting for a woman! And we all know this girl, it is Elsa, the Ice Queen! Unfortunately, she is in a big dilemma! Can you help her find the best for her and decide? Good luck!

We all know that Elsa is a very beautiful and smart queen! Who wouldn't want to marry her? Well, Ben and Ken both want to propose to her today. To help Elsa decide, your job is to get both groom candidates ready for this big day! Will you able to help them? Let's jump in the game and see that! Your first objective is to create an outfit for Ben. You need to make him look stunning to impress Elsa. So, start with his clothes. He has too many options to choose from. And then you can add a hat, or even change his hairstyle, too. Don't forget to add matching shoes to his outfit! If he is ready, you can move on to getting Ken ready. He also has so many cool pieces in his closet, but somebody should choose for him! Try to create an impressive look! When they are both ready, they can pick up flowers and candy to propose to her. She will make the choice by scoring them! Have fun!

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Play Belle Games developed Ice Princess Love Proposal.

Release Date

May 5, 2017


  • 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Wedding themed
  • Various options to choose


You can use your mouse to play this game.