In Hex Takeover, you will get a taste of what it feels like to be a successful conqueror! Embrace your character and try to get all the hexagonal boards. In this game owning the lands is just as easy as jumping through blocks or cloning your character. In different territories, you will have different battles, though. You just shouldn’t forget your main aim here: to conquer all the territories. Can you pass all the levels and get the whole mainland?
For each territory, you need to have a victory in the battle to eventually conquer the whole mainland. Still, it is easier said than done to finish all those battles as the victor. When you are in a battle to get all the blocks in a territory, you need to color the hexagonal boards your character's color. To be able to have all the boards your color, you can either jump a few boards away or duplicate to an adjacent board. This way, you can take the blocks from your rivals’ hands and all those boards can convert to your color! Little by little, you can own the whole territory only to go on doing the same for other territories. This takes to be a good conqueror with high strategical skills, though. With each new level and each new territory, you will have new rivals who are ready to jump their ways to turn your boards into theirs. Just like chess, this game needs you to make good choices when it comes to moving your character. Hex Territory may sound easy with a few rules and a few possible moves, but you should try your own conquering skills and see how hard it is for yourself! Use your cursor to choose your next hatchet man and determine whether to jump through the boards or clone your character. If you can get all the boards in one territory or have more boards than your rivals, then you are good to go. You can try your chance to own the next territories, too. Don’t forget that if you are that good of a player, you will be rewarded with new characters to have even more fun!

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Game Worthy Studios Inc. developed Hex Takeover.

Release Date
November 08, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels to complete
• Requirement of strategical thinking
• Characters to unlock

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose your character and your next step.