In River Adventure, hop on your boat and be ready for new adventures! With the breathtaking sunset before you, you can go miles and miles on this beautiful river. But be careful, it is not all roses on your way. Only if you are brave and skillful enough to get over the obstacles on your way, you can go on your journey on this blissful yet hazardous river. Do you think you can find your way through the obstacles and stay safe on your journey?

As the sailor of the boat, you must be careful of what is yet to come on your way. Sometimes there will be huge rocks or woods floating just before you. You need to overcome these obstacles, or you will have to start your journey from the beginning. You can use your mouse to decide in which direction you will be heading. With your first click on the mouse, your boat will tilt left. When you click again, you’ll see your boat tilting right first and then, repeatedly, the opposite way with each new click. You must be careful when changing your rotation on your way, though. You shouldn’t touch the riverbanks, or you will collapse that very second. The same goes for the rocks and floating woods, too. If you want to stay safe, you should move wisely and make sudden changes in your rotation. There are many characters to unlock with the points you get, too. If you can figure out how to be a good sailor with perfectly timed maneuvers, you are good to go for miles!

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SoftGames Azerion developed River Adventure.

Release Date

November 2021


• 2D colorful graphics

• Challenges to come over

• Intuitive controls

• Characters to unlock


You can use the mouse of your computer to rotate your character.