In Heroic Quest, it's time to move backward in time with your time machine. Our destination is the medieval world where danger lurks at every corner and there's always a battle to fight. This time you're going to control a soldier who is determined to cleanse this wilderness for honor and glory. Do you have the courage to join them on this journey?

The enemy is on the move and they are coming towards you. Never despair and fight back. In this game, there are 3 characters you can choose from; the swordsman, the hunter, and the berserker. You can choose the one you want and start playing. When the game starts, your enemies will start attacking from both sides. So you have to get rid of them quickly in order to survive. When an enemy dies, a power-up may appear to help you along the way. You'll also get coins each time a foe dies. You can use these coins to upgrade your attributes. You can see your health bar and your coins at the top left corner of the screen. As you progress through the game, you'll face monsters that are harder to kill. So be sure to evade their attacks by jumping and upgrade your attributes to stand a better chance against them. If not, in pace requiescat! Try to go as far as you can on this journey and beat your own high score. Good luck!

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Release Date

September, 2018.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Different characters to choose
  • Nice graphics
  • Intuitive controls


A and D or left/right arrow to move. W or space bar to jump. Left mouse button to attack.