Blow up the rubber stickman with your master-level grenade-throwing skills with Grenade Hit Stickman! Give your dominant arm proper throwing training! Aim at the moving platforms and the trickiest corners to see how you do in this addictive hyper-casual challenge! Make money off your victories, upgrade your apartment, and buy new grenades to add even more fun!

Get creative with your grenades! Face different platforms at each level and find the funniest way to get rid of the dancing puppets! You can go with any tactic as long as the puppets are dealt with. Start the first level and see for yourself. Aiming directly at the enemy works most of the time, but at some levels, you have to aim at the platforms to break the logs they stand on to make them fall. You can also explore the boxes and other blocks they are placed on to make the stickmen fall on each other. Bomb two birds with one stone! Plan strategic moves and use one grenade to pass levels with two or three enemies. Activate contraptions by moving blocks onto them, and get rid of the barriers between you and the enemy. Do not forget to check the apartment and unlocked grenade options!

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Mirra Games developed Grenade Hit Stickman.

Release Date

November 11, 2022


Funny characters and dances

Addictive levels with changing platforms

Puzzle-like challenges

Colorful 3D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game. Click and drag to aim, and release to shoot.