Hold on tight to your ninja skills to eliminate your enemies in Ninja Cut! Here you are left with all your enemies, and you are all alone against them all. Can you gear up and use all your courage to become the hero?

This is an action game with fun graphics and intuitive controls. All you need to focus on is aiming well enough to complete the tasks given to you for each level. You need to overcome the challenges of each level and eliminate the enemies one by one. There are three different game modes. In the classic mode, you will be using your whole body while throwing yourself on the enemies. You can jump on and stick to the walls while trying to reach your aim. In the other two versions namely, Bombs and Kunais, you will throw bombs and sharp kunais at the enemies from where you are standing. No matter what the mode is, you need to engage with the items around and take down all the bad guys in a level to pass on to the next one. Let’s see how well you will do in this fun action game!

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Simplicity Games developed Ninja Cut.

Release Date

October 03, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Three main game modes

• Many levels to pass

• Outfits to unlock


You can drag the cursor to aim and release the left click to shoot at enemies and/or objects.